ISIS Propaganda in Singapore

A Singapore company Albenyahya Enterprise started selling ISIS flags but stopped after they received flak. From pictures on social media on that shop, apart from the black flags that ISIS used for its jihad colours, there was one man with camo pants and camo scarf wrapped around his face like a balaclava, with black flag in the background. He also imitated the jihad camaraderie with one index finger pointing up, like a number one finger gesture, to reflect Islam’s monotheism according to some explanations. Supporters of the shop owner Syed Mohammad Faisal BenYahya described that the flags are innocuous. Yes the Islamic declaration of monotheism is innocuous. However, seen in context, one such black flag is used by ISIS despite prevarications by apologists. With the black flag and its connotations of total war, ISIS propaganda has gain some ground here among the ignorant at best or belligerent at worst, little doubt about that.

Firm selling Islamic State-like flags denies terrorist links

SINGAPORE — The owner of a company here that had sold flags resembling those of the Islamic State (IS) yesterday denied having any links to the militant group and has filed a police report against those accusing the firm of having an extremist bent.

Albenyahya Enterprise — which is registered in Singapore and Malaysia and aims to cater to the needs of the Muslim community in the region — had sold the flags online.

A post on the company’s Instagram three weeks ago indicated that the flags were then in stock and were sold for S$17 each.

Its owner, Mr Syed Mohammad Faisal BenYahya, told TODAY that the police report was filed on Tuesday, but declined to comment on the sale of the flags.

“We are currently not selling the flags anymore, it was just a one-off thing due to customer requests,” he said in a phone interview yesterday.

Responding to TODAY’s queries, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) cited an article by two scholars, Mr Mustazah Bahari and Mr Muhammad Haniff Hassan, which stated that the use of black flags by radical groups, including IS militants, “is simply an act of manipulation of popular myths and folklores among Muslims to support their political agenda”.

In its statement, MUIS reiterated that the IS’ actions have tarnished the Islamic faith and image of Muslims in general, adding: “We have communicated this through our Friday sermons previously.”

In an earlier post on the Albenyahya Enterprise’s Facebook page — before the page was taken down around 2pm yesterday — Mr Faisal had called the allegations of extremist links “baseless accusations” and sought customers’ understanding on the matter.

His post said: “It has come to my attention that an unfortunate post on a website has accused and/or linked my business (and by extension, myself) as ‘supporters’ of terrorism.

“Upon legal advice, to protect my name, my family and my business, I have made a police report with regards to this incident.”

A Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) spokesperson yesterday confirmed that a police report “related to the purported sale of IS flags in Singapore” had been made and reminded Singaporeans to play a part in preventing their family and friends from becoming radicalised and unknowingly drawn into the violence.

“The IS has enlisted foreign fighters, including those from our region, to fight alongside the group and this has raised the threat of terrorism to Singapore. The authorities are monitoring the situation closely,” the spokesperson said.

In July, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean told Parliament that a handful of Singapore citizens, including two families, had gone to participate in the Syrian conflict.

Mr Teo also said that several others, who had intended to travel to Syria or other conflict zones to engage in jihadist violence, were detained under the Internal Security Act and there were also those who were under investigation for expressing interest in joining the fight.


5 responses

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  2. The ISIS Holy War propaganda is just as terrorism inspired as Communist Propaganda ,the delusional fantasy ideology is targeted on the disaffected ,marginalized and the illiterate poor of the communities worldwide. Even here in North America the marginalized frustrated and disaffected American residents of Middle Eastern descent and Afro-American black Muslims are brain-washed to join the Holly Warriors in ISIS in Iraq, Syria and other regions of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia because of it’s very ancient andl long tradition of being Sunni and an unabashed robust of America and de Western powers just wouldn’t allow ISIS or the Iranian Shitte Islam to thrive there. The Holy Warriors forget conveniently that their Pilgrimage for Al Haj Haji is at Mecca and Medinah in Saudi Arabia !The ISIS Holy Warriors probelm will not be resolved if the poor disaffected disgusted residents of these places in the Middle East do not get a make over like the Communists did in China and Russia where the ordinary folks get help in Economics and getting themselves through their countries a better life ! It might even be said that East Asian Diaspora to Nanyang were helped in Malaysia and Singapore due to enlightened infrastructure of the British System and it’s Lingua Franca potential in the use of English globally.Nowadays it’s the best equalizer and opportunity opener globally where economic progress is in vogue !

    Gerald Heng Sr.
    Metrowest Boston,MA/Washingtone DC

    September 4, 2014 at 12:25 pm

  3. flak

    Without understanding the theology, it is just violence for violence and neither is right. Unfortunately no religion can survive from a theological perspective. Some are favored more than others

    September 4, 2014 at 1:40 pm

  4. chemgen

    Gerald Heng – ISIS propaganda is however effective. The irony is that the more the US gets visibly involved, the more ISIS propaganda would be effective.

    Flak – You are right, Once religion is used to justify violence, it loses its righteousness. Unfortunately, there are enough people who don’t realise it and hence the mindless brutal violence.

    September 10, 2014 at 9:58 am

    • The US President after consulting with the NATO partners in Europe will have a long term strategic destroy ,damage and degrade ISIS without putting US troops with boots on the grounds in Iraq or Syria ,it has no geopolitical interests threatened or in peril. President Obama will speak at 9pm about it on September 10 eastern standard time North America ! tune in and stay tune ! I personally have no doubt the Holy War ideology of ISIS will fail miserably as Communism via Violence and Battle by Bullets rather than ballots has failed !

      Gerald c w Heng Sr.
      Metrowest Boston,MA/ Washington DC USA

      September 10, 2014 at 10:11 am

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