CHC Trial Going On and On

In many of our eyes, CHC Kong Hee ran his business like a church, and his church like a business. Church funds went to finance and sustain his wife’s questionable music career, termed as the Crossover Project. His wife’s music business prospered in a way, while not really selling anything. The infamous music video of his wife Sun Ho in China Wine pushes boundaries on what are Christianly images if you asked me. Kong Hee is trying to outsource blame on his church elders running his wife’s show business and Xtron. The prosecution however insisted that Kong Hee pulled the strings all the time. The court of public opinion has already ruled against Kong Hee anyway.

Christian-bashers, with the recent anti-377A controversies, would be gleeful that the supposedly strong Christian faction in parliament according to kopitiam talk is taking on fellow Christians. Hence, is this  supposedly Christian-steered parliament really pushing a Christian agenda if they take on Kong Hee instead of turning a blind eye or if they take on Lawrence Khong from FCBC for his unlawful dismissal of a church worker? Or simply Christianity as a label has nothing to do with government policies.

CHC trial: Kong ‘evasive’ so as not to implicate himself, prosecution charges
By Kimberly Spykerman
POSTED: 20 Aug 2014 14:33

SINGAPORE: City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee was being evasive so as not to implicate himself in the bond transactions, the prosecution charged, as it resumed its cross-examination of Kong on Wednesday (Aug 20).

Kong has maintained he was only involved in the budgeting of the Crossover Project, and left the financing of the project to his co-accused Tan Ye Peng and Chew Eng Han.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Christopher Ong asked Kong if that meant he would not be responsible if the bonds then turned out to be an illegal mechanism.

Calling it a “difficult question to answer”, Kong said: “Because I am a pastor, and as a shepherd, I want to take responsibility for a whole host of things. They – Ye Peng and Eng Han – have assured me that they have sought out advice from the professionals, so would the professionals be responsible?”

Kong is among six church leaders in the dock for allegedly using church monies to buy sham bonds in two companies – Xtron and Firna – in order to fund the Crossover Project. The project, fronted by Kong’s wife Sun Ho, is the church’s way of evangelising through secular pop music.


The prosecution sought to show that Kong was more hands-on in all aspects of the Crossover Project than he let on.

Mr Ong pointed to a lengthy and detailed email Kong wrote to chastise Tan as evidence of how closely he supervised his team, whom he called his “spiritual children”. The email addressed issues ranging from unhappiness over the location of the hotel he and Ms Ho were staying at in Hong Kong, to consultants who he felt were not up to standard.

In an email to Deputy Senior Pastor Tan Ye Peng, Kong reprimanded him when promotional efforts of Ms Ho’s career in China yielded disappointing results. Kong wished he could run the “whole show” the way he ran the church, but as he could not, he put his and Ms Ho’s “lives and destiny in the hands of their disciples and spiritual children” and urged Tan not to let them down.

Mr Ong also said Xtron directors did not make decisions about the budgeting and financing of the Crossover Project, as Kong had claimed. He pointed to portions of statements from Tan, Chew and Serina Wee to the Commercial Affairs Department which contradicted Kong’s claims.


The prosecution said Kong was regularly updated about Xtron’s cashflow problems, and would have been the one to approve any solutions to make up the deficit. This would ensure Xtron’s cashflow problems did not affect its ability to finance the Crossover Project. Xtron was Ms Ho’s artiste management firm at the time.

Mr Ong said: “Xtron’s cashflow problems … ultimately become the Crossover’s problems, because it has the potential to derail spending on the Crossover.”

Emails revealed that by end-2007, Xtron had a deficit of some S$0.5 million, and that some of the accused, including Kong, had discussed either pumping more of the church’s money into Xtron or transferring Xtron’s expenses to the church. Eventually, this took the form of the bond transactions at the centre of the criminal charges.


Mr Ong noted that the proposal to purchase the bonds came about because Kong had tasked Tan and Chew to find a way to finance the needs of the Crossover Project. He also observed that there was “no real assessment of commercial motive on either side, as Xtron would benefit from any accounting adjustments made to allow it to deal with its deficit”.

The prosecution charged that the accused would have injected capital into Xtron, regardless of the church having to bear increased expenses. “Whatever financial arrangements needed to be made to capitalise Xtron would be done … Never mind that the church would end up bearing increased expenses,” said Mr Ong.

But Kong argued that these expenses to Xtron would have been legitimate ones and for real services. In the case of the bonds, Kong said he was told they were a good investment.


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  1. Greetings it’s rather sad and depressing to see Theology got mixed up with Money- Making ! Isn’t it crystal clear from the life and times of the Messiah Jesus Christ who counselled that ” it’s easier for a camel to go through the Needle ‘s Eye than for a Wealthy Man to get through to God’s Heavenly Kingdom ! ” Of course in this day and age the church congregation of de modern era also provide social services to its parishioners/ followers of the Christ,where investment strategy might also be learnt but no where in the Anglo-American Common Law System for which Singapore received its Common Law teachings, allow for the intermingling of church funds into the worldly investments, it amounts to a criminal breach of trust laws ,surely the minute details aren’t too material when the intermingling has been established ! Tok Kong Hee is Okay but Kong Hee Fatt Choy is not Church Teaching !

    Gerald Heng Sr.
    Metrowest Boston,Massachusetts / Washingtone DC USA.

    August 21, 2014 at 1:06 pm

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