Constructive Politics Aside, the PAP can be a Bully

Anybody following the Roy Ngerng saga would realise that it is classically Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). Roy and the PM are hurting each other over nothing.

Roy Ngerng was a nobody with bad arguments on CPF until he was threatened, and is still threatened, with a lawsuit. After the PAP legal gorilla team came into the room thumping their chests, scaring the activist pretending to be a CPF expert, Roy became the rallying flag for all against the PAP. The lawyer who stood by and behind Roy is M Ravi, a known lost cause lawyer whose expertise is in civil rights and provoking  the government to be hardline against his clients. It is a matter of time before the anti-377A throw in their lot behind Roy as they are pretty tight in promoting civil rights and standing with one of their own. It is also a matter of time before SDP gets into the picture too as this type of lost cause is just up their street.

Roy was told to remove a posting that insinuated the PM is corrupt. He dutifully removed it and apologised. He pleaded for leniency and asked for waiver of damages, a sensible thing to do as he made his point. After that, he made a video challenging the PM again. The PM’s lawyer took the bait and ask him remove the video and other posts. Roy, new to the game but advised by good company like his experienced lawyer, removed the video and other posts but alerted the international media about it. The PM’s lawyer got wind of the shenanigan with the media and made demands of Roy again.

The latest news is that Roy is staging all this defiance for attention and asylum in Denmark, if that is to be believed because third parties gain from the clawing and biting between Roy and the PM.

From this saga, the PM and his PAP ironically want to defend their reputation but managed to tarnish their reputation even more instead. Defamation lawsuits by the PAP is not new, SDP’s Chee Soon Juan can explain that to anybody who wants to listen. However, defamation lawsuits hurled at activists is new ground and a line that the PAP stupidly crossed in the eyes of the public. Politicians are fair game if they are not wily enough to avoid lawsuits. In contrast, activists are not fair game, and the PAP will pay that price dearly when the GE comes.


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  1. It’s all rather interesting in the arsenal of political issues that have arisen from the CPF a public trust law matter,how Singapore has substantially handled it either exceptionally through its legislature or by the tradition and custom of the English Common Law with the Singapore twist and turn is of course a proper deliberative matter,nobody needs be defamed as Corrupt or someone else having to go into exile to Denmark with the Mermaid ‘s welcome really the parties should stick to the issues of the CPF matter! In private common law trust funds can have guaranteed returns, anything else earned by interests or business investments must necessarily return to the owners of the capital expended in this case the CPF depositors/ beneficiaries , after legitimate costs etc. It’s therefore difficult to understand why mature educated adults should be crying out about defamation and or being civilly criminalised for speaking the truth or attempts at getting the truth,remember in political debates/ deliberations there is always a wider latitude in the use of the Language limited only by personal reputation defamatory attacks ,it’s after all the elected office not the personality and family that’s in question ,if it is then the criminal prosecution of corruption is in proper order ! Majullah Singapura bukan Mahjongg Leh Sin Kia Poh !why does anyone in Singapore need to go into exile for raising troublesome questions of public concern ?

    Gerald Heng Sr.
    Metrowest Boston,MA
    & Washington DC USA

    May 28, 2014 at 1:23 am

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