NUS Malay Studies Lecturer Steps Into the Ring

Standing up for his Muslim community and backed by the Fellowship of Muslim Students Association, NUS Malay Studies AP Khairudin Aljunied steps into the ring, joining the melee between the anti and pro-377A camps with a harsh analogy about cancer and lesbians. Which would go down as infamously as NUS Law prof Thio Li-Ann’s straw, nose and gay analogy in parliament in 2007. The activists like Maruah or Alex Au have not responded in force so far, backing away at the spontaneous fellowship of pro-377A folk. The dynamics are changing in the lobbying and Khong has started something going.

NUS professor controversially likens lesbianism to ‘cancer’, sparks protest letter from graduates

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is looking into complaints about one of its faculty after the professor made controversial comments on his Facebook page.

NUS was alerted to them by one ex-student and two current students, who expressed concern after seeing what they said were two posts by Associate Professor Khairudin Aljunied, who lectures in NUS’ Malay Studies department. The latter updated his Facebook page on 20 February with a status that, among other things, likened lesbianism to “cancers” that must be stopped “in their tracks”.

He labelled it as a “wrongful” ideology that will corrupt the true meaning of Islam and sexuality as defined by the Quran, warning that it will “spread like wild fire” if scholars and religious teachers do not speak up against it.

In another part, Khairudin referred to homosexuality as “waywardness” and “diseases” that must be detected early on by parents and teachers.

“All diseases must end at homes, if not, in schools,” he wrote. “Together, we will stop these cancers in their tracks!”

He subsequently edited his post a series of 11 times, with the last edit made on Thursday afternoon, removing the allegedly offending words “cancers”, “wrongful” and “diseases”, among others that the students pointed out. He also modified the last line in the first post to “Together, we will stop these developments in their tracks through education and reasoned arguments”.

His final edited version of his first post saw a new line being added, however, which read “Make the pure message of Islam viral to cleanse liberal Islam and lesbianism from the hearts of the faithful.”

Assoc Prof Khairudin’s initial version of the post was what triggered the response of graduate student Benjamin Seet and ex-NUS student Melissa Tsang, as well as final-year student Khairulanwar Zaini, who also took to Facebook about 10 minutes later on Thursday to pen a letter of concern to NUS’ Provost and Deputy President for academic affairs Prof Tan Eng Chye, as well as Vice Provost for academic personnel Prof Lily Kong.

In it, they described Khairudin’s comments as “unbecoming of a university professor”, saying that his words were “tantamount to hate speech”. The three also pointed out that in a second post titled “When Liberals Become Oppressive”, Khairudin was said to have refused to apologise for his first post, arguing that his comments were borne out of his religious convictions and that preventing him from voicing his views is acting to “censor” him.

The second post was later removed, said the three.

Responding to queries from Yahoo Singapore, a spokesperson for the university said NUS is aware of the open letter, as well as the concerns that were raised in it.

The spokesperson said NUS is seeking to better understand the concerns and to “help address the issues at hand”.

“NUS advocates a culture of respect for individuals regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political or sexual orientation,” she said, adding the university’s appreciation for the diversity of perspectives surrounding various issues. “We hope that such conversations will remain respectful and sensitive at all times.”

Yahoo Singapore is seeking comment from Khairudin and the authors of the letter.


4 responses

  1. My Friends in Syonan/Singapore, at least there is Light in the Southern Region of Nanyang with Diversity of Views of the gay and lesbo sexual orientation types !The remarks of our traditional and orthodox opinators/commentators about gay and lesbo sexual types as cancerous i.e. a sickness of the mind and lacking in morality has been in place in Western Europe and North America for a long long time until recently on Civil Human Rights rationale of Freedom of Choice of anyone of the same or different sex as partner became de jure on a live and let live community philosophy,even those who disagree about same sex marriage don’t disagree in allowing for Domestic Civil Unions of same sex couples ,two of male or female ! Just recently in the State of Arizona a tropical climate region the Conservative Republicans passed a State Law banning businesses and traders from doing business with Gays and Lesbos on the so called Christian Regious rationale that homosexuality is an Abomination an affront to The Lord Almighty, however the Arizona US Senator John McCain of the GOP and the last Presidential GOP candidate for the 2012 ,Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts opposed that religious rationale and basically said in businesses you got to serve anyone who is a human being,regardless of his /her sexual orientation as long as he/she can pay the price for the service or product that everyone else pay ! The Debate in North America USA on homosexuality marriage continues and may reach the US Supreme Court for determination,at this time homosexuality is just a State Matter! Nobody now argues that homosexuality attractions and associations are a disease or a mind perversion or divence , although Truth especially from the Biological Sciences,there isn’t any conclusive evidence that Homosexuality is genetically transmitted factor like the color of your skin,your eyes or the shape of your noses ! It’s good that Ina civil society and country such passionate issues can be debated and deliberated without resort to bullets,more like ballots !

    Gerald Heng -Tuah Sr.
    Metrowest Boston,MA & Washingtone DC ,USA.

    March 4, 2014 at 9:23 am

  2. In the final result Governor Jean Brewer of Arizona vetoed her GOP Republican Legislators on that religion ban to trade with gays and lesbos.There isn’t enough GOP votes in the Arizona Parliament to override the Governor Brewer ‘s Veto !
    Gerald Heng-Tuah Sr.
    Metrowest Boston, Ma & Washingtone DC USA

    March 4, 2014 at 9:28 am

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