Racists in the Internet:0 Police: 2

Police are investigating two people who posted racist content. Not new, and will happen again as there are people who like to troll by whatever means. Provoking reactions by using racist remarks is one form of trolling. Will the Sedition Act be used again? With people like “Heather Chua“,  with fake background and photos, racism and trolling is more sophisticated and the law would be extra strict on them as a result I hope. On the other hand as racist trolls would continue to exist, they would become even smarter in future in covering their tracks.

Police report lodged over racist remarks on Twitter

SINGAPORE: Police on Saturday confirmed that a report has been lodged against a Twitter user.

It is believed the person – who goes by the Twitter handle “iamclarena” – posted racist remarks on the social networking platform.

Checks showed that the account can no longer be found.

The police said they are looking into the matter.

This is the second person this week to be investigated for posting racist remarks on the internet.

A 22-year-old man behind the fictitious Facebook profile “Heather Chua” is also being investigated after making racially insensitive remarks online.

He is now assisting police with investigations.


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