The Little India Riot

The unexpected happened. Some 400 people rioted, 27 arrested so far and more to come after a fatal trffic accident. Police officers were injured and typical of senseless violent mobs, even SCDF personnel who were there to help after the accident were also attacked.

The police did a good job of containing the violence quickly and hopefully they are on their toes looking out for similar outbreaks. Xenophobia is simmering again with the riot as an excuse. Some locals have started on their foreigner-bashing again. But let’s be calm and not get carried away by rumours of all colours. One initial rumour was that some police NSF were killed by the rioters. Naughty rumour-spreading in the end because the police finally released the facts hours later. The men in blue were probably just as confused about what was fact and what was fiction in the sensational social media reports when the riot broke out. I felt the police did well and despite their inexerience in handling such incidents.  Inexperience is a good thing as it meant that such wanton violence is rare in Singapore.

Was the root cause of the riots not the accident but the mistreatment of foreign workers? There could be a cause-effect, or a co-relation, but whatever it was, it cannot excuse the rioters. They caused panic, destruction to public and private property, attacked public servants doing their job. I expect the full brunt of the law to fall upon those responsible for the mayhem. I’m sure the buses, shops, residents, bus passengers and the bus driver affected by the rioting feel the same way. Zero-tolerance and please no apologetics in support of the rioters.


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