No Justice for Singaporeans

A few incidents related to crime and foreigners wrecked my confidence further in the system and in Singaporeans.

Firstly, three Robert pan-English yobs, Australian Nathan Robert Miller, Briton Robert James Springall, and New Zealander Robert Stephen Dahlberg,  managed to go on a rampage and assaulted some locals, and despite apparent incompetence by the police officer investigating the case, were eventually brought to justice. I’m sure there were other cases that the police handled sensibly on preventing foreigner-suspects jumping bail, but this was not one of them.

There was no happy ending because while the Australian did his time, the other two Roberts managed to flee and jumped bail. Robert James Springall and Robert Stephen Dahlberg became fugitives, and joined the ranks of Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu, who fled Singapore while charged with a fatal hit and run accident.

The system, the police officers handling the case, the immigration bureaucracy allowing the criminals to exit Singapore and the courts for allowing bail and not impounding the passports, were jointly at fault. The police followed the law ie. the criminals were allowed to leave and could not be stopped as there was no order to, the court did not order for no-bail and allowed the Roberts to keep their passports, and immigration for just being immigration and the last checkpoint for the fugitives. Also at fault philosophically, is us Singaporeans who just stood by and allowed the Suntec assault to have happened. Good Samaritans  were assaulted and criminally intimidated, and unfortunately nobody was there to help them. Foreigners are allowed to do what they want it seems with impunity because we allow them to. We allow them to.

Just like a woman who allowed an Australian man to be let off with an apology and $10,000 settlement after he was charged for grabbing her breast at MBS. James Anthony Woodburn was not charged for molest and was let off because the lady decided that she wanted the case resolved quickly, and with a little bit of money on the side. The justice system allowed that to happen, this time the police did their job but the courts did not based on public perception on how the court should have carried out justice. If the law allows such nonsense, then the law should be changed accordingly. How could the woman have just let him off? It just shows that the foreigners here can do what they please as long as they have money.

I just hope that the woman was not a Singaporean but instead was another foreigner, a Pinoy, a PRC, another Australian . This makes it easier for me to reconcile the ugly fact that Singaporeans would be so lackadaisical about justice and the White Man being immune to any form of prosecution from fellow Singaporeans.  With these sort of publicised incidents about foreigners having their way groping and punching away in Singapore, it is very justified to be xenophobic and blaming the government.


4 responses

  1. Sage

    Bail offered because the case of grievous hurt is not severe in the eyes of the law. Severe yes to the victims but not severe enough comparatively. Capital crimes or crimes involving huge amounts of money then can bail be refused. Yes, it was the court that allowed bail without impounding the passports and that has nothing to do with the police. The courts and police probably didn’t think that the Brit and the Kiwi were flight risks as it was stupid to be a fugitive just for a small crime.

    February 15, 2012 at 12:37 am

  2. Gerald Heng Sr

    Greetings ! Having the Woman’s Breasts Grabbed and Fondled at $10,000 pay-off isn’t bad as a marketing strategy !

    Seronok Gila Sri Temasek

    February 15, 2012 at 1:39 am

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  4. That’s weird, because from what I know, if a party wants to settle, the courts should logically allow it. Legal battles are long and costly you know.

    February 15, 2012 at 1:28 pm

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