YPAP Bombed Themselves

Former YPAP member Jason Neo was caught red-handed in his Facebook for posting stupid seditious remarks. He has since apologised for it and resigned from the PAP. But he posted seditious remarks and we should call a spade a spade, as “seditious” is the label attached to racially and sometimes religiously insensitive comments which made their way into the internet. Jason Neo’s crime – he took a handphone shot of a bus filled with Muslim children and said it was a “bus filled with young terrorist trainees”.

According to the PAP which is falling over itself trying to do damage control, Jason Neo has resigned from the YPAP which he just joined in June, and the photo was taken earlier in February this year. The vigilante who exposed Jason Neo’s seditious remarks, Noor Firdaus Abdul Samad (Firdaus Venezio in Facebook), is a NSP member.

So there is an entertaining context to this vigilante fracas. Jason Neo made seditious remarks and should be investigated by the police and a prison, fine or community service sentence is likely given the recent trends under those charged with the Sedition Act over the years. Noor Firdaus scored political points in this political game. That the photo was taken in February meant he hunted Jason Neo’s Facebook album for any old photos to opportunistically score political points for his NSP at the expense of PAP. All is fair in love, war and politics and credit should be given to NSP for this internet boxing.

SDP’s Chee Soon Juan is also trying to score belated cheap political points piggy backing on NSP’s efforts without doing any work. However, WP has gentlemanly kept itself above the fray and does not want to demean itself in kicking the PAP on the ground when the PAP is doing a good job of stumbling by themselves.

Jason Neo obviously did not learn from Tin Pei Ling’s humbling humiliating Kate Spade experience. Don’t ever put any photo in one’s Facebook that can be exploited for political ends. Too bad for Jason Neo and the PAP if they didn’t learn from past mistakes and history. Nonetheless, the PAP internet brigade is out for tit-for-tat vengeance probably and NSP members like Noor Firdaus better edit their Facebook content like albums and wall postings as they might be next in line in this internet boxing.

Jason Neo apologises to kindergarten over offensive caption
Former Young PAP member who posted picture with offensive caption requests visit
By Tessa Wong

The former Young People’s Action Party (YP) member who posted a picture of kindergarten pupils with an offensive caption has sent a written apology to the school.

He has also asked for permission from the school, Huda Kindergarten, to visit so that he can apologise in person.

Mr Jason Neo sent a copy of the letter to The Straits Times on Saturday. The police is currently investigating Mr Neo for posting on Facebook a photo of Huda Kindergarten pupils in a school bus accompanied by an offensive caption.

The caption caused a furore online and resulted in several police reports lodged against Mr Neo, who resigned from YP last week. In the letter, Mr Neo says: ‘I wish to offer Huda Kindergarten, its students and their parents or guardians my utmost sincere and unreserved apology. I had no intention whatsoever to cause any hurt or offence to your school, or to the members of any race or religion.’


3 responses

  1. Gerald Heng Sr

    It doesn’t seem very terribly un-usual because in the early days of Singapore’s Independence the Chinese Schools Students Pictures were taken and dubbed as fresh recruits of the Red Communist Menace that threatened to take over Singapore or words to that effect !

    GCW Heng Sr.
    Metrowest Boston,MA. USA.
    Quitter since 1965 after Merger break-up.

    November 20, 2011 at 3:00 pm

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  3. Thank you so much for applying free time to compose
    “YPAP Bombed Themselves Chemical Generation Singapore”.
    Thank you for a second time ,Jamal

    February 6, 2013 at 5:09 pm

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