A Real Multi-Cornered Fight Finally

Pity there was no multi-cornered fight during the GE, because that would be the best indicator of which party in Singapore is the most favoured. The non-PAP parties then had this funny misconception that getting into the same ring would dilute the anti-PAP vote. What the opposition parties were really worried about was that going into the GRC or SMC would actually allow voters a real choice and they were afraid that results would confirm that opposition party A would be better than opposition party B and how the PAP would fare relative to them.

Anyway, just recently, there were reports that Tan Kin Lian might consider pulling out as Tan Jee Say and him might dilute the anti-PAP vote too. Spineless anti-PAP GE tactics deja vu in the PE. Thankfully, the ex-PAP member and NTUC Income CEO of 30 years clarified that he is going for it come Wednesday.

A multi-cornered fight finally. PAP’s Tony Tan against SDP’s Tan Jee Say against a Tan Kin Lian who seems inclined towards NSP. Tan Cheng Bock is the enigma. Formerly PAP and harping on his Old Guard roots, he made a very bold claim that he is not backed by any party and that if he or any president was, then it defeated the purpose of a president whose purpose is Singapore-first rather than party-first. A polemic but a strong persuasion nonetheless. At the moment, I’m backing Tan Cheng Bock until he slips. They all do.

PE: I’m not stepping down, says Tan Kin Lian
By Evelyn Choo | Posted: 13 August 2011 2135

SINGAPORE: Presidential hopeful Tan Kin Lian has denounced reports that he could be stepping down from the current four-man race.

He stressed he will be filing his papers on Nomination Day on Wednesday, 17 August.

Mr Tan revealed this to reporters at an event at the Speakers’ Corner on Saturday evening.

He said: “If there are other candidates willing to discuss to reduce the number of candidates for the contest, I have an open mind. But since the two other candidates have stated very clearly they will never consider withdrawing, there’s nobody for me to talk to.

“So I decided to confirm today, that I will be putting in the nomination papers on Wednesday and it’s going to be an exciting contest.”

The former NTUC income chief was speaking to a 150-strong crowd at “Singaporeans’ First!” – an event organised by non-profit society, Transitioning.org.

Mr Tan gave his views on issues like immigration, National Service and unemployment.

On National Service, Mr Tan said he recognised its importance, but disagreed on the length of the term. Currently, it is compulsory for male Singaporean citizens to serve two years.

“When our boys have to make the sacrifice and they start work later, it’s very hard to have enough savings to buy a HDB flat. And when they’re able to buy a HDB flat to get married, they’re over 30 years old. Then they find they can’t afford to have children,” Mr Tan said.

On unemployment, Mr Tan suggested that the government roll out benefits for those who could not find jobs, as the issue was becoming more serious. If elected as President, he said he would bring this to the attention of the Government.

“I hope our government will understand that the situation in Singapore has changed. Unemployment is now a serious matter,” said Mr Tan.


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