Save or Sink Temasek Review

US$30,000 for a Volunteer Website

Temasek Review lately appealed for donations from readers, saying that it cost US$30,000 a year to run Temasek Review. Not US$3,000 a year, but US$30,000 a year. Frankly, I’ve never heard of volunteer websites that cost US$30,000 a year to run and I’m wondering how realistic that figure was i.e. how much is real operating cost and how much is greedy profit. If TR is to be believed, US$10,000 was donated by a Singaporean businessman in China, Albert Chin, and another US$10,000 were from concerned readers. So TR needs another US$10,000 from generous donors to keep it solvent for another year.

TR is a site where you either love it or hate it because of its sensationalist tabloid content. If you love it, please donate and keep it up because TR warned that it is too expensive to upkeep and it would shut down if there is not enough funds pouring in. If you hate TR, then step back and watch how people are probably getting scammed by TR and you can say “I told you so” in your blog and Facebook when the time comes.

Debit Card Cancelled and No Refund

A few months ago, TR launched its exclusive TR debit card and last week, TR explained the card was cancelled and its Moneybrokers account used for the debit cards was frozen. Hence, those who bought TR debit cards might not get a refund. Doesn’t this incident conveniently shouts SCAM? The fact that the Moneybrokers account was frozen should be a warning sign to a cynic about possible fraud. Anyway, inside the Sammyboy forum where there are gossips mixed with gems, the word is that the webmaster of TR is Andrew Tay from RTG Asia.  Googling “RTG Asia and con” you will find that RTG Asia had complaints about its shady services before. Whether the complaints are from business rivals or genuine customers, it depends on whether one asks a TR fan or its critic. For me, I’m not donating a cent and rather donate to TOC.


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