Temasek Review?

Temasek Review is still around functioning as a tabloid and the shrewd observer would know that it does what it does to earn money from click dollars. It just rants away to attract visits to the site. The more its content is controversial and probably even concocted, the more visits it attracts and the higher the opportunities for earning from advertisements. In fact, that online tabloid, the New Paper’s competitor, openly admitted its business of ranting in the past.

Not satisfied with the click dollars and appeal for donations, the anonymous foreigners behind blog have the latest money-making gimmick —  a limited edition Temasek Review debit card.  Say what we want, the Nigerian email  or Chinese handphone lottery tricksters have lots to learn from this enterprising political rant blog. No details yet on the cost of the debit card and how it is going to work. Caveat emptor.



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