Population Bomb (Metaphor)

I better state that it is a metaphor and not a real bomb otherwise my title might be grossly mistaken. But did anyone see this news in a different angle i.e. Wong Kan Seng is stepping down from the Home Affairs Ministry after the next election?

This whole set up of a new division under the PMO seems like a face-saving exit for the Home Affairs minister. Well at least if he steps down to head this outfit, it would be better from a taxpayer point of view, than one of those overpaid underworked minister without portfolios in the PMO. Whether Wong Kang Seng is the right man for this job, tick tock tick tock, the voters will make their decision known. After all, Chiam See Tong, eager to make his last election count and redeem whatever lost faith from the way he handled the botched Reform Party alliance, is eyeing Wong Kang Seng’s GRC.

Bigger body set up to handle population issues
05:55 AM Aug 30, 2010
Singapore – In a sign of how population issues are growing even more important, the Government will set up a bigger body to oversee these policies: The Population and Talent Division.

It is the latest evolution in the Government’s approach to dealing with the immigration, talent, and population challenge.

The division is needed to “draw all these threads together” in a holistic manner, “to make sure Singaporeans benefit and the impact of all these policies is well managed”, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said yesterday as he touched on the impact of immigration in areas such as education, transport and housing.

It will be on the scale of a ministry-level organisation such as the Public Service Division, which has its own Permanent Secretary, and will also be housed in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Currently, the Government agency looking at immigration, marriage and parenthood issues as well as working to improve integration, increase birth rates and engage overseas Singaporeans is the National Population Secretariat in the PMO, with support from the National Integration Council Secretariat.

It had grown from a part-time secretariat that supported the National Population Committee and drew staff from various ministries. It reports to the Permanent Secretary in the PMO.

This Government-level coordination will now be enhanced under the new division. PM Lee said the division will coordinate the work of the Home Affairs, Manpower, Transport and Industry and Community Development, Youth and Sports ministries.

It will come under the current population czar in the Cabinet, Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng.

“He will make sure all our policies fit together, and the implementation works out well and everything runs okay,” PM Lee said in his National Day Rally speech.


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