Handcuffed for Public Safety? Right

During the great floods recently, a Wanbao photojournalist, probably ignoring police instructions and wading into the flood to get photos of the boys in blue pushing stalled cars, was eventually arrested by an irritated policeman for…public safety. The policeman’s actions were probably uncalled for and the Wanbao photographer somehow must have bugged the policeman despite warnings. As there were no independent witnesses, we will never know the truth on what happened that very wet day. Back to the point, being handcuffed for public safety is one of the dumbest reasons in this context.

Furthermore, what is entertaining about this whole business is that the media are ganging up on the police in this, asserting their independence in a surprising way as we always thought that the media toes the line, until one of their own is being singled out unfairly.

Handcuffed for his own and public’s safety
By Sia Ling Xin

THE police officer and Lianhe Wanbao photojournalist “could have handled the situation better”, said Mr K. Shanmugam, the Minister for Law and Second Minister for Home Affairs.

He was referring to a July 17 incident where Mr Shafie Goh, 57, stood on a covered manhole in a flooded central divider to take photos in Bukit Timah.

Mr Shanmugam said the police officer handcuffed Mr Goh after repeatedly advising him to move away.

He added: “There was clear danger not only to the photographer but to other motorists as well… The issue…was about public safety. “


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