Fricker the SMRT Train Vandal: Kan vs Kang

I lost track with the case after the hoohaa about using state money to pay for SMRT security. What rubbish. SMRT is already cutting corners and not increasing the frequency of trains even more and they wanted taxpayers to foot the bill of patrolling their grounds?

However, I digress. I don’t know who made the first move. Was it Kang who is Fricker’s lawyer that wanted to reduce the sentence of his client with an appeal that made Kan the state prosecutor retort with an appeal to have a heavier sentence? Or was it around i.e. the quest for a longer jail was countered with a request for a reduced jail term. Come to think of it, was there ever a successful appeal and a reduced jail term? Incidentally, I remembered that the previous grumpy-looking CJ had the deterrent policy to increase the jail sentence if the appeal supposedly mocked justice or was frivolous (in the Court’s eyes) as it wasted the Court’s resources. A controversial move in the name of court efficiency. Fricker’s troubles are just not over yet.

Prosecutors want longer jail term for Swiss vandal

SINGAPORE — State prosecutors said Tuesday they intended to submit fresh evidence in their appeal for a longer sentence imposed on a Swiss man jailed for vandalising a Singapore metro train.

Deputy senior state counsel Kan Shuk Weng said the prosecution team wanted to lengthen the jail term of Oliver Fricker, who appeared in court looking gaunt in an orange prison jumpsuit and sporting a shaved head.

A policeman unlocked Fricker’s handcuffs before the hearing started at the High Court.

Fricker, 32, was sentenced to a total five months’ jail and three strokes of the cane in the Singapore district court in June after pleading guilty to trespass and vandalism, serious offences in the city-state.

The software consultant and a British friend, who remains at large, cut their way into a depot in May and spray-painted graffiti on two train carriages.

“We are asking for the total imprisonment term to be increased, in particular the sentence for the charge under the protected areas and protected places act,” Kan told AFP.

She would not give details of the new evidence the prosecution planned to submit nor the length of the extension it would seek.

Fricker was sentenced to three months’ jail and three strokes of the cane for vandalism, and two months’ imprisonment for trespassing in a protected place, with the prison terms to be served consecutively.

A judge adjourned the case until Friday to give defence lawyer Derek Kang more time to react to the prosecutors’ intent to introduce new evidence.

Kang is also seeking to reduce Fricker’s sentence.

Prison officials, as a matter of policy, would not say if Fricker’s caning sentence had been carried out, citing inmate privacy.

Under Singapore’s tough laws, a minimum three strokes of the cane is mandatory for vandalism. The punishment entails being struck on the back of the thigh below the buttocks, which can split the skin and leave lasting scars.


One response

  1. auntielucia

    Nobody forced Fricker to commit vandalism, right? And not any vandalism either. An SMRT depot. So, he tested n found a security lapse. Should he be rewarded for that? Did anyone reward those who found security lapses around the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre? Pple should make such representation to the US and see wot sort of a democratic retort they wld get.

    August 18, 2010 at 6:28 pm

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