Go West, Hollywood Ho!

If the money was made on her own through her supposed successful music career which I have my doubts as artistes usually want to claim that they are popular, fair enough.

But if the home, staff and cars were directly or indirectly funded by the church or through church loans, then something is not right. The rumours are that companies like Xtron are the conduit for church funds to Sun Ho. So in a way CHC members are correct that their money is not going into Sun Ho’s pocket, there might be a middleman doing the spinning and drying before it goes into the expenses of Sun Ho stay at Hollywood Hills, if the rumours are true.

Churchgoers defend Ho’s lifestyle

Updated 05:35 PM Jun 21, 2010
by Esther Ng

SINGAPORE – She may have been living like a Hollywood star for the past year, but City Harvest Church’s members were not surprised by her lavish lifestyle, with some even defending it.

The New Paper (TNP) yesterday reported that singer Ho Yeow Sun, who is married to Reverend Kong Hee of City Harvest Church, was renting a mansion in Hollywood Hills, a posh suburb of Los Angeles, for $28,000 a month.

The property which she has been renting for the past year has a swimming pool and is about 29,000 square feet in area, about the size of 25 110 sq m five-room flats.

Ms Ho is believed to be staying in the rental estate, which is listed for sale at $7.7 million, with her son, a nanny, her assistant and several family members, according to TNP.

The property has four buildings in total, and two cars – a black sports utility vehicle and a black Mercedes Benz CLK550 – could be seen driving in and out of the home.

MediaCorp spoke to churchgoers yesterday after its 12.30pm service and most – including those who are learning about her lavish Hollywood home for the first time – seemed unfazed by the news.

“Well, she is a celebrity,” said 23-year-old student Andrew Lee.

Another churchgoer, Mr David Ong, told MediaCorp that Ms Ho’s living arrangements in Hollywood were well-known.

Asked whether they thought part of their tithes was being used to fund Ms Ho’s lifestyle, the 10 churchgoers MediaCorp spoke to did not think so.

A member who only wanted to be known as Mr Lim said: “Church money is separate and is protected by the church’s constitution. All our financial transactions are on our website – you can go and check it out.”

Ms Audrey Tan, 27, said what Ms Ho did was her business and that she had probably paid for the rent from what she earns from her business and royalties as a professional artiste.

Soon after, a bus pulled up to the kerb and a group of elderly folk disembarked. Pointing to the group, a church member who declined to be named said: “This is where part of our tithes go to – we buy them food, medication and pay for their transport to church and back.”

Earlier, it was a packed house as Deputy Senior Pastor Tan Ye-Peng led the service.

It being Father’s Day yesterday, the congregation honoured fathers with prayer. A special round of applause went to Rev Kong, who was greeted with a hug from Pastor Tan.

But, barely before the applause had died down, Rev Kong left the hall


4 responses

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  2. Diehard Sun Fan


    She is even more famous! LA media slowly picking up on the news!

    June 23, 2010 at 6:54 pm

  3. Doing a Ming-Yi……or maybe a Mat Selamat. If a limping man can disappear in SG, a designer attired one will be invisible.

    June 23, 2010 at 10:19 pm

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