Humanitarian Affairs 101

Just soon after there was talk about liberal arts education in Singapore and about education not to focus only on traditional career or professional tracks in Singapore Inc, Singapore Polytechnic with Mercy Relief is going to launch a course on the humanitarian affairs industry with a regional focus. Singaporean youths now have a chance to better understand the nuances of humanitarian social enterprise, assistance and even intervention with a practical slant rather than theory.  Excellent.

Mercy Relief, S’pore Poly to start new course on humanitarian affairs
By Nurfadhilla Kamarul |  Posted: 04 May 2010 2153 hrs

SINGAPORE: A new certification course on humanitarian affairs will be introduced as part of efforts to build a pool of trained humanitarian workers.

It’s the first such course of its kind in Singapore to be started under a collaboration between Mercy Relief and Singapore Polytechnic.

The course is expected to start later this year.

The course curriculum is expected to include theories to explain basic understanding on disasters and organisation of relief work.

Students will be given the opportunity to go on overseas missions with Mercy Relief and experience work in disaster-stricken communities.

There are plans to start a new specialty diploma for adult workers who wish to be a volunteer or become a full-time relief worker with NGOs like Mercy Relief.

Other collaborative efforts between Mercy Relief and Singapore Polytechic would in the exchange of expert knowledge on appropriate technological solutions for rural and disaster-stricken communities as well as promotion of overseas volunteer activities.

Tan Hang Cheong, principal of Singapore Polytechnic, said: “We are starting off with just a certificate program and we call it a Diploma Plus in other words existing students taking a diploma program, they will do a 180 hours or so on top of their core curriculum in the areas of humanitarian affairs.”

Hassan Ahmad, CEO Mercy Relief Singapore, said: “We find in Singapore Polytechnic that has not just the ability but the willingness to come to the region to walk with us and share their expertise, share their knowledge and also the manpower in terms of teachers and the students that will help us better expand our work in Asian countries.”


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