NDR 2009 and Wish for Rebates and Subsidies

NDR goes social media. Impressive indeed following Obama’s social media campaign.

Prime Minister’s Office : http://www.pmo.gov.sg
Channel NewsAsia : http://ndr09.channelnewsasia.com
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/REACHSingapore
#ndrsg : http://twitter.com/Reach_Singapore
REACH web site : http://www.reach.gov.sg/ndrsg
Prime Minister’s Office YouTube channel : http://www.youtube.com/pmosingapore

Last year, the PAP government relaxed rules on Speakers’ Corner and that protests can be held there. The government also relaxed rules on the campaigning in the internet during elections. During the 2006 rally, the government for the first time acknowledged the digital divide in such a setting, following the election that year. I don’t think there will be more such soft touch rhetoric this year tonight during the rally. Such soft touch or no touch promises are nice but with a bad economy still in the horizon, I want the government to focus more on subsidies and rebates rather than political space specifically.

What will the HDB conservancy rebates be? What about income tax? Last year, it was an attractive 20% rebate capped at $2000. Will there be a public transport handout into Ezy link cards to encourage public transport use? A GST rebate would also be timely now.  I hope to see a more emphatic government this year and tonight’s NDR is a good chance for them to show understanding of the financial difficulties affecting most of us.


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