An Insidious Thiology

The dust is settling. As it turned out when the facts unfolded, my support swung. The old new AWARE exco was indeed mostly fixated about being anti-gay and the puppet master was Thio Su Mien, the mother of NMP Thio Li-Ann, a gay-basher at one point. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Derek Hong pastor of Church of Our Savior already apologised for instigating his flock to support the April 2009 AWARE Exco. Putting rabid Christian-bashers to shame, Derek’s more sensible and sensitive brethren, to their credit, also chided his actions.  He would probably be more careful and discreet the next time he fans anti-gay sentiment outside of the church. Thio Su Mien is fuming and silent, still smarting from the public scorn and anger at her unChristianly deceit. While AWARE, women, gays, and even discerning Christians and believers in other monotheistic faiths can be glad that secularism prevailed, this could only the end of the beginning.

The truth is rarely pure and never simple as gay Oscar Wilde would tease. There is a known hijack of a secular organisation in the AWARE saga. But there might also be the infiltration of religious and even political communities as well for all we know if we want to jump at shadows and see the Church of Our Saviour as a taste of things to come. At the way madam mentor of feminists went about seemingly mentoring and manipulating her acolytes, this is an open-ended question. She might be planning her next move already.


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  2. Concerned Observer

    Sorry, correction. Derek Hong did not apologise. His “stand to be corrected” is not an apology. He is waiting for someone to correct him. He has not admitted his mistake because I think he feels that it was never a mistake. He was doing God’s work. How can God’s work be a mistake?

    You or me cannot correct him. Only the government can correct him. He has committed a crime – an illegal act against the Religious Harmony Act. The police must arrest him and bring him to court. Only that will “correct” him, in order to effect his “stand to be corrected”

    May 6, 2009 at 6:42 am

  3. thio

    Mr Derek Hong can probably be corrected by himself: One sure way to do it is to get Mr Alan Chin fuck Mr Derek Hong’s backside and then ask Mr Derek Hong to reason out himself why he is not gay. Action and label.

    This should clear up the contorted mind of Mr Derek Hong and Mr Alan Chin.
    Then, repeat the same procedure between Ms Thio Li-Ann, Ms Thio Su-Mien, Ms Josie Lau and gang, until their screw-up mind are clear as daylight.

    May 6, 2009 at 7:17 am

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