Anwar Shafted Again and Again

Anwar was arrested just before he wanted to report to the police station for an interview over his sodomy charges, or so he claimed that he would turn up. He spent last night in jail and had to sleep on the cold hard floor despite his back condition. For a 61-year old man, a cold hard floor is probably too much to bear but I can’t help but think that his complaints of how serious his backche is now, is nothing more than a Ronaldo dive.

Anyway, Anwar was released and his whole bizarre arrest is surely more than blatant police intimidation as claimed by his family. The arrest bought the Abdullah government time to do something, but what is that “something” that BN wanted to do while the world was distracted and watching Anwar’s arrest and then, overnight release. What is that something that is worth going through the expected political damage to the Abudllah government’s image when Anwar was arrested before he was supposed to meet the police? Or did the police just fear that Anwar would dash into the Turkish or another embassy again for sanctuary and the arrest was a preemptive move?

Did the BN government seriously think the renewed charges of sodomy can stick on the former DPM of Malaysia and blue-eyed boy of Mahathir? At least in the resignation of Malaysian Health Minister Chua Soi Lek, there were videos as evidence of the deed. Instead as things turned out, political tensions in Malaysia have deepened to a new level since BN’s 5 state loss in the recent general election.


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