McCain, Obama and Clinton

Forgotten McCain is not the youngest, but he is the most experienced. But he is tainted with the guilty by association Republican-Bush administration badge. So the American public just wants change by looking at the Democrats’ black guy and white girl. If only there was an Hispanic gay Democrat, that would really spice up the show.

Political sideshows of age, race and gender, if we choose to be flippantly politically incorrect about it all. McCain, Obama and Clinton all represent change but Obama is identified supposedly by Singaporeans as the most iconic of change. Even the non-local media has picked up on this pigeon-holing of the seemingly “politically-aware” Singaporean. The infectious Obama is cool stand shows a lot about what Singaporeans know of politics, and most of us just see what we want to see. A common complaint is that Singapore politics is boring. Singapore politics is boring also because the voter is boring. The choice was always simple, just vote in an exciting candidate and not just talk about voting in an exciting candidate, when it is GE time.

Wed, April 02 2008
Barack ObamaMany young Singaporeans have caught “Obama fever” and are extolling on websites his messages of hope, tolerance and change, a published report said.
They are rooting for 46-year-old Barack Obama in the race against Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic Party’s nominee competing against 71-year-old Republican John McCain for the U.S. presidency, The Sunday Times said.
Obama is “attractive because he flies in the face of norms like experience and age that Singaporeans are used to,” says the blog from Aaron Ng, a 28-year-old with a master’s degree at the National University of Singapore.
The city-state has been ruled by the People’s Action Party since its founding more than four decades ago. There have been only three prime ministers.
“Politics here is not as thrilling as in the U.S.,” said Ashraf Mohamed, the 32-year-old owner of three candy stores. “Obama preaches hope, tolerance, change and dialogue, which is appealing to me.”
Others were quoted as saying they are turned off by Clinton and McCain. Obama is “inspirational” said Shanthan Selvakumar, 28, an energy analyst.
Singaporeans pay great attention to U.S. politics because of its supposed contrast to the more predictable politics here, said associate professor Bilveer Singh from the National University of Singapore’s political science department.
Some Singaporeans have even expressed an interest in donating money to the Obama campaign, but U.S. law allows only Americans to do so.

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