The Peace Concert at Substation on Sunday

Some of you might have received this email today if you are a member of a particular mailing list. Our nervous police allowed the Peace Concert this time for real as the organisers will hold the event inside the theatre instead of in the indoor garden-courtyard. I still find it peculiar that our police regards the enclosed space at Timbre as “outdoors” but it always about interpretation and we know by now whose usually questionable interpretation is always presented as the right one.

Concert goers – post-concert drinks at Timbre as a sign of support? Timbre – special discount happy hour for concert goers as a sign of support? Support for whom? That is open to interpretation.

Peace Concert for Burma, Sunday 18 Nov, The Substation


Peace Concert for Burma
Sunday 18 November
2pm to 6pm
The Substation Theatre
free admission

featuring musical performances by
Laras (a Migrant Voices band)
Kevin Mathews
Gene Sha Rudyn & Friends

poetry by

T-shirt prints by
Zai Kuning

The “Peace Concert for Burma” is a coming-together of some Singapore
artists at The Substation — a small way of saying to the people of
Myanmar that Singaporeans care about their struggles for peace and
democracy. Like many around the world, we watched with great hopes
when thousands of monks and civilians took to the streets in Rangoon
in September; and like so many — from ordinary citizens to world
bodies like the UN and ASEAN — we were shocked by the harsh military
crackdown on the peaceful demonstrations.


(This part below from the email is also interesting. A tentative win-win for all. But I am eager to see a more progressive police the next time.)


Admittedly, a “peace concert” effort is very modest, but it is still
something that we can do. Many artists feel strongly about these
events. They have already signed petitions, made donations, attended
vigils, and want to do more. As some of you may recall, The
Substation attempted to present the “Peace Concert” last month in
October in collaboration with Timbre, but we did not receive
permission to do so. Nonetheless, word of the cancellation got picked
up by the international press, so a message did get out, and that was
some consolation. The authorities declined permission last time based
on the event being outdoors in the Garden, so this time we’re
presenting it in the Theatre.


2 responses

  1. Hoorah!

    November 17, 2007 at 3:16 am

  2. chemgen

    A welcomed but nonetheless modest progress in the bureaucrats’ thinking. Hoorah!

    November 18, 2007 at 1:52 am

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