Asking George Yeo to Act

Another letter from Avaaz for fellow Singaporeans. Act now and believe that we can make a difference. It is only a click away.

Dear Singaporean friends,

The Myanmar generals brutalising their people depend on Singapore — for banking and trading, private hospitals, even luxury Armani clothes. The government has now condemned the military dictatorship. It’s the first step. Now we need not just words, but action. Let’s send Foreign Minister George Yeo an urgent message of support and encouragement: demand dialogue without conditions in Myanmar, and prepare to act unless real progress is made.

Click below now to send your own email message direct to George Yeo — then tell all your Singaporean friends to do the same, we need an avalanche of messages urgently to persuade the government to act:

Email to George Yeo.

Can we get to 3000 messages within 24 hours? In a democracy, our voices make the difference: everyone can send an email to the foreign minister, everyone can wear red this weekend to show our solidarity with the popular movement now regrouping in Myanmar!

Senior General Than Shwe’s Myanmar cronies (like drug lord Lo Hsing Han and his son Steven Law) trade through Singapore, and the government has invested billions in Myanmar. Singapore has real power over this dictatorship. Used wisely, that power can help free the popular heroine Aung San Suu Kyi, bring about dialogue and reconciliation for Myanmar, and avert a civil war. We need to do all we can to support the UN envoy’s mission.

Foreign Minister George Yeo led the regional grouping ASEAN to its unprecedented statement of “revulsion” over the Myanmar regime’s crackdown. George Yeo has said, “Our credibility is at stake… Unless we put things right, and set Myanmar [Burma] to a new course, we will all be affected and dragged down.” Lee Kuan Yew himself has spoken out. But words are easy to ignore. Will Singapore be shamed, as Myanmar’s generals shrug off the international statements and reassert control? Or will we act?

Let’s send a strong message to George Yeo and the whole government. We must do all we can to put things right — and the next step should be to put Myanmar’s generals on notice: unless they talk to Aung San Suu Kyi, they will not be welcome here. If the bullies of Myanmar and their families feel their haven in Singapore is threatened, they will surely feel the squeeze — and maybe they will see the writing on the wall.

There’s strength in numbers. 700,000 people have already signed a global petition in solidarity with the Burmese people — thousands from Singapore alone. Let’s send the government a message so loud it can’t be ignored — click here to send your own email to George Yeo via the webpage, then tell all your friends:

With hope and determination,

Paul, Ricken, Galit, Graziela, Pascal and all at Avaaz

PS this weekend, let’s all wear something red as a simple public symbol of solidarity with the people of Myanmar — people around the world have been wearing red to show their support!

This Reuters news article explains the power Singapore might have.

And here’s a blog posting from Singapore Patriot calling for action not words.


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