Some Thoughts about the Recent SDP Walk

I read this over at The Online Citizen. The moral behind this entertaining side-story from Monday’s New Paper about the “successful” protest march – one has to be discerning about what kind of supporters one should reach out to as some do more harm than good despite the best of intentions. The Timothy Cooper from World Rights was probably there with SDP’s knowledge and consultation even, looking at SDP’s history of foreign affiliations. But he clumsily attempted to deny it despite sticking out like a sore thumb filming the handover of the letter at the Istana in a reality-TV style, making the whole affair more dodgy than it should seem. But for beleaguered SDP, beggars can’t be choosers.

Another issue that will and should come up again I am certain in future. The peaceful, and by Western standards – boring, symbolic march on Sunday occurred without violence and mayhem. This tears big holes in the fabric of the MIW’s constant insistence that almost all opposition events outside of the Speakers’ Corner are prone to a Seattle 1999 riot and must be categorically denied in the interest of public safety. The MIW’s zero-tolerance anachronistic policy on not issuing permits for opposition events will be under siege. Good.


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